Saturday, April 11, 2009

My First Guitar Class

Shakthi is one of my best friends in college. She plays guitar very well and guess what? She is a self taught guitarist [well, she did get some help from the net]. She was/is my first guitar tutor. She was very happy to hear that I got a guitar on my birthday and she readily offered to teach me! :) How sweet of her!

She asked me to tune my Roger [by following the instructions in: How to tune a Guitar ] and then bring him to college so that i can learn from her during "star" [free] hours.

I tried my best to tune Roger properly. Shakthi perfected Roger for me at college. While I carried Roger to college on my Brigathy [scooty pep+], almost everyone on the road looked at me with an awe. Their looks seemed to mean "Ah! she has a guitar!" "Oh! she is a guitarist!" "Hey! look at that! Isn't that a guitar?". I was feeling very proud carrying him[though i haven't learnt to play him yet]. I got the same response at college when I was carrying Roger to my class.

The last hour of the day happened to be a free hour and thus started my first guitar class. Shakthi on tuning Roger perfectly, explained the parts. Then she taught me the names of the strings as well as that of my fingers! Next one was playing a scale.After teaching it she asked me to practice playing the scale well before i moved onto playing chords.

I promised her that I will practice regularly, which i kept only for a week :(, as the process was quite tiring and boring and my fingers were paining. More over,as I had other homework and tests to attend to Roger got a back seat. I felt very bad for that. Also all "free hours" were cancelled at college which disrupted further teaching sessions.

So Shakthi mailed me a link which gave online guitar lessons. I practiced for just 2 or 3 days and again I had other important work to attend to. Thus my learning process came to a stand-still.

Finally, I have decided to go for proper guitar classes so that I will practice playing my Roger regularly and hence keep in touch with him.

I am planning to join guitar classes this May.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Christening my Guitar

I always name the objects which are close to me. Now, the latest, is my guitar.

In order to give it a suitable, cute name I started playing my guitar [still strumming randomly :(] and feeling the music. I didn't want to give it an Indian name as its not an Indian instrument.

So.. I was just sitting on my bed; strumming my guitar randomly; thinking hard; staring at the wall and my i pod was playing some song in the background [didn't pay much attention to it!]. I was doing this for about five minutes... but I couldn't think of any good name.

Suddenly "Roger Moore" flashed in my mind! I thought "Why not I name my guitar Roger?" and you wont believe me... just that second my i pod started singing "When you were young...", the title song of the movie "Live and let die" - the first movie of Roger Moore as James Bond [007]. I shouted in excitement "Roger! thats perfect!"

Thus I christened my guitar as "Roger".

How I got my guitar!

It was October 2nd,2008, early in the morning [about 5A.M.].

My 20th Birthday :)

My mom and my brother woke me up and wished me "Happy Birthday". Then my dad wished me. I thanked them sleepily and walked upstairs to the bathroom.After I brushed my teeth, my brother called me to his room.

There I saw a huge [rather gigantic!] cardboard box waiting to be opened by me! My sleepiness disappeared instantly! I was shocked at its size and was wondering what was inside! As usual they wanted me to guess. I was about the press down the box to feel what was inside. But before I could they stopped me saying I cant do that! So I thought something delicate/fragile was inside. But still I couldn't think of anything that is delicate, long, thin and gigantic! I gave up the guess work and opened it!

Oh my GOD!!!!!!!!

It was a cake! A big cake in the shape of a guitar! My brother told that the cake weighed about 4Kgs [Wow!] I loved the cake 'cos
1.It was PINK!
2.It was in the shape of a guitar!
3.It was big! and
4.It was my Birthday cake!

I was very very very happy :) My family was there in my brother's room singing "Happy Birthday" song while i was plucking the strings of the guitar[cake] with a knife! I stuffed the big pieces of music got from it into everyone's mouth with much happiness and gratitude!

But my brother said that the guitar cake wasn't enough! I didn't understand what he was talking about. I started to convince him that I was really happy for getting such a lovely cake for my birthday. But before I could finish he brought a guitar from inside the storage room attached to his room and presented it to me! I was totally taken aback at the sight of the guitar! I couldn't speak! I was deeply touched by my brother's love and was moved to tears. I really couldn't believe what i was seeing! I had no words to thank my brother. After a few seconds, I asked him whether it was really for me and he said yes! I thanked him from my heart a hundred times and joyfully placed the guitar on my lap and played something random. I was just strumming with the pick as I hadn't [haven't]learnt how to play guitar [yet].

Truly, it was my best birthday ever as I received the perfect birthday gift! My brother's gift really made my day! :) My joy cant be expressed in mere words!

Thanks Echu! Love you! :)