Friday, April 10, 2009

Christening my Guitar

I always name the objects which are close to me. Now, the latest, is my guitar.

In order to give it a suitable, cute name I started playing my guitar [still strumming randomly :(] and feeling the music. I didn't want to give it an Indian name as its not an Indian instrument.

So.. I was just sitting on my bed; strumming my guitar randomly; thinking hard; staring at the wall and my i pod was playing some song in the background [didn't pay much attention to it!]. I was doing this for about five minutes... but I couldn't think of any good name.

Suddenly "Roger Moore" flashed in my mind! I thought "Why not I name my guitar Roger?" and you wont believe me... just that second my i pod started singing "When you were young...", the title song of the movie "Live and let die" - the first movie of Roger Moore as James Bond [007]. I shouted in excitement "Roger! thats perfect!"

Thus I christened my guitar as "Roger".