Friday, April 10, 2009

How I got my guitar!

It was October 2nd,2008, early in the morning [about 5A.M.].

My 20th Birthday :)

My mom and my brother woke me up and wished me "Happy Birthday". Then my dad wished me. I thanked them sleepily and walked upstairs to the bathroom.After I brushed my teeth, my brother called me to his room.

There I saw a huge [rather gigantic!] cardboard box waiting to be opened by me! My sleepiness disappeared instantly! I was shocked at its size and was wondering what was inside! As usual they wanted me to guess. I was about the press down the box to feel what was inside. But before I could they stopped me saying I cant do that! So I thought something delicate/fragile was inside. But still I couldn't think of anything that is delicate, long, thin and gigantic! I gave up the guess work and opened it!

Oh my GOD!!!!!!!!

It was a cake! A big cake in the shape of a guitar! My brother told that the cake weighed about 4Kgs [Wow!] I loved the cake 'cos
1.It was PINK!
2.It was in the shape of a guitar!
3.It was big! and
4.It was my Birthday cake!

I was very very very happy :) My family was there in my brother's room singing "Happy Birthday" song while i was plucking the strings of the guitar[cake] with a knife! I stuffed the big pieces of music got from it into everyone's mouth with much happiness and gratitude!

But my brother said that the guitar cake wasn't enough! I didn't understand what he was talking about. I started to convince him that I was really happy for getting such a lovely cake for my birthday. But before I could finish he brought a guitar from inside the storage room attached to his room and presented it to me! I was totally taken aback at the sight of the guitar! I couldn't speak! I was deeply touched by my brother's love and was moved to tears. I really couldn't believe what i was seeing! I had no words to thank my brother. After a few seconds, I asked him whether it was really for me and he said yes! I thanked him from my heart a hundred times and joyfully placed the guitar on my lap and played something random. I was just strumming with the pick as I hadn't [haven't]learnt how to play guitar [yet].

Truly, it was my best birthday ever as I received the perfect birthday gift! My brother's gift really made my day! :) My joy cant be expressed in mere words!

Thanks Echu! Love you! :)