Saturday, April 11, 2009

My First Guitar Class

Shakthi is one of my best friends in college. She plays guitar very well and guess what? She is a self taught guitarist [well, she did get some help from the net]. She was/is my first guitar tutor. She was very happy to hear that I got a guitar on my birthday and she readily offered to teach me! :) How sweet of her!

She asked me to tune my Roger [by following the instructions in: How to tune a Guitar ] and then bring him to college so that i can learn from her during "star" [free] hours.

I tried my best to tune Roger properly. Shakthi perfected Roger for me at college. While I carried Roger to college on my Brigathy [scooty pep+], almost everyone on the road looked at me with an awe. Their looks seemed to mean "Ah! she has a guitar!" "Oh! she is a guitarist!" "Hey! look at that! Isn't that a guitar?". I was feeling very proud carrying him[though i haven't learnt to play him yet]. I got the same response at college when I was carrying Roger to my class.

The last hour of the day happened to be a free hour and thus started my first guitar class. Shakthi on tuning Roger perfectly, explained the parts. Then she taught me the names of the strings as well as that of my fingers! Next one was playing a scale.After teaching it she asked me to practice playing the scale well before i moved onto playing chords.

I promised her that I will practice regularly, which i kept only for a week :(, as the process was quite tiring and boring and my fingers were paining. More over,as I had other homework and tests to attend to Roger got a back seat. I felt very bad for that. Also all "free hours" were cancelled at college which disrupted further teaching sessions.

So Shakthi mailed me a link which gave online guitar lessons. I practiced for just 2 or 3 days and again I had other important work to attend to. Thus my learning process came to a stand-still.

Finally, I have decided to go for proper guitar classes so that I will practice playing my Roger regularly and hence keep in touch with him.

I am planning to join guitar classes this May.